Unlike many other roofing contractors who close their doors for the winter, ACT Roofing operates throughout the entire year to ensure that their clients' roofs receive the attention they deserve, whether it be for repairs and maintenance or replacement. A friendly office staff member is at the ready to accept your call Monday through Friday.

Common Roofing Problems & Repairs

When faced with roof damage or leaking, a roof replacement is not always the solution; sometimes, all you need is a quality repair project. It is crucial, however, to complete the repairs promptly and correctly to prevent the damage from increasing and extending to other areas of your home. Water seepage can cause mold and mildew damage, which is bad for the construction of your house and the health of your family.
There are many reasons why you might need a roof repair, such as:
a. Old, damaged, or wrongly installed flashing
b. Damage to shingles due to rain, wind, snow or a hail storm
c. Damage from ice dam formation


Our team has installed and repaired roofs all around your area. You don't have to worry about keeping your family dry or making hard choices when there are dedicated local professionals only a phone call away.
On-call team members are available to assist for emergency services after normal business hours. Manufacturer-trained and field-experienced estimators are prepared to provide comprehensive proposals and walk you through all phases of your project. Production crews are trained and certified to complete your project accurately, efficiently, and to manufacturer installation and warranty specifications.